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Has anyone read the Captain's Table books?


Quick summary: Captains from any time in Trek history can come into a bar to tell their stories to captains from any other part of history. It's like... a bunch of short stories told in their words. (Well, that depends on the writing style of the author, I guess, but...)

I don't want to do this ALL the time, but I wondered if we were doing threads or tags of certain types of writing, if we could include some kind of thing like this? It seems to me that some people want to write stories, some want to do prompts, some want character based posts, some don't... I feel like we could have a characters thread of writings, a stories thread of writings, and a prompts thread of writings which could be written either way the author wanted but would need to contain a certain number of the prompts within the writing. That way people aren't molded into one thing or another and we can really keep the creative stuff going. If we decide on such a format I vote for a Realms Bar or some such thing where the character posts make sense as a sort of story thread. Your character can "go into the bar" any time and tell their story when the mood strikes? Interact with other characters stories? Almost like a round robin, but not quite. Does that make sense?

Maybe I've always just been so in love with the idea of the Captain's Table that I just can't let go of wanting to do it over and over again. :)
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