Mar. 30th, 2017

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A new fic. Gotta keep the brain oiled somehow. :)

Title: In the Silence Between Heartbeats
Series: Sleeps with Butterflies
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Grissom
Timeline: Present day/Post finale
Rating: General
CW/TW: slight references to alcoholism
Disclaimer: Is it worth doing one anymore? I mean, we know CBS never hired me and that I don't make money off of these two. But if they want someone to write the post-series Grissom and Sara relationship ...
A/N: This jumps ahead the year and a half since the finale. My canon has definitely kept going even if I haven’t been writing. Hopefully you won’t be too lost. ;)

It all went to hell in France ...

In the Silence Between Heartbeats
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Title: Well -Timed Rescue
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom/Setting: Once Upon a Time, post 5x19 “Sisters”.
Characters/pairings: Rumplestiltskin, Hook/David.
Length: 999 words ~ edited for length. Full length at 1157 words.
Rating/Genre: NC-17 for slight description of sex, slash, fantasy drama.
Disclaimer: For fun not profit.
Set-up/summary: Sometime after Zelena pretends to join Hades, and Belle puts herself under the sleeping curse, David and Hook are captured by Hades. Rumple is called upon to rescue them. He’s not happy with the task, except that it gives him an excuse to steal Hades’ helmet of invisibility.

Rumplestiltskin’s heart pounded in his ears. The slow, cautious journey through the tunnels of Hades’ abode had been nerve wracking. His fingers trembled just a bit when he slowly inserted the small key Zelena had procured for him. The armoire looked ordinary enough, but there was always a chance this was a trap. Not that he didn’t believe her commitment to her child. He knew exactly how she felt, fearing what Hades had in store for them all.

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