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So I suggested we make a post where we can suggest tags that we can use for our posts here in the community. Some are more obvious than others and need no explanation, others might need explaining. Please feel free to comment with additions that I might have missed. It's been a long day.

Fandom/show - no I'm not going go make a long list of the shows we've listed elsewhere, but each fandom should have it's own tag.
Canon & non-canon - also fairly obvious, though a little more subjective.
Ratings - each should have one, but here's a question: is the MPAA still being precious about people using their ratings on fan fiction or has that particular demon been exorcised?
Series - this story is part of a connected series of stories.
Short Story - obvious as to what this means. This is a short, stand-alone story.
Vignette - a brief evocative description, account, or episode.
Drabble - short work of fiction of 100 words
Challenge - response to a challenge (or where a challenge is issued)
Prompts - Where a prompt has been used to spark the work of fiction, or where a writer wishes to leave a prompt
Character Focus - Where the focus of the story is character and not necessarily plot
Realms Bar - for works of fiction as per the Captain's Table series of stories. There's a discussion about this in a separate post by [livejournal.com profile] mirrani.
Discussion - posts that are not fiction but are about writing
Off Topic - When a writer needs feedback or help on something that is not a fan fiction
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