Mar. 29th, 2017

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Please welcome [ profile] seramercury to the community. She has committed to 30 minutes of reading and giving feedback each week, in the following fandoms:

Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Criminal Minds
Blue Bloods
Star Trek Voyager
Warehouse 13
White Collar
Star Trek 2009

Her entry fic appears below--please check it out and leave your feedback. (She is aware of the misspelling in the subject line and will be correcting it soon.) :)
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After I swore I wasn't going to put Once stuff up... I have this amazing dream. :p

Title: The Message (PG)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Not really, but it's the Gold Family, including Baelfire
Timeframe: Taking place after Gideon returns to Rumple and Belle, after he has settled in... There will be an episode for this, I'm sure. The shop has been renamed Gold & Son. We know it's coming, just hasn't aired yet. :)
No Content Warning

Background for those unfamiliar with OUAT: Belle and Rumple are Beauty and the Beast. Rumple's first son, Baelfire is from his previous marriage, hundreds of years ago. Yes, he's immortal. He was consumed by a dark power and is now known as The Dark One. He and Belle married, but had Gideon in a time in their relationship where they were going through some stuff. Both Baelfire and Gideon were lost to Rumple when they were children. Baelfire vanished into a portal to our world when he was a young boy, Gideon was stolen from his Fairy Godmother when he was only a few hours old. Both grew up without their father or mother around. It's way, way more complicated than that, but them's the basics.

For those wanting visual references:
Belle, Rumple, Gideon
Belle, Rumple, Baelfire
Inside Gold & Son Antiques
(It's a lot lighter on set than in the show, BTW.)

Disclaimer: This stuff just floats around in my head. I don't have anything to do with the franchise and I'm just having fun here. I earn nothing other than the smiles of fans for doing this work.

* * *

It had been a dull afternoon in the shop and Gideon found himself pacing among the displays and shelves with little to do other than contemplate this unfamiliar world. Storybrooke was the town that he was born in, yet of everyone that lived here he was the most foreign citizen of all. Of course no one /really/ belonged here, the town had been created by his father and the Evil Queen as part of a curse on their realm. All the people here had been plucked up from whatever they were doing and plopped down into the middle of the woods, surrounded by a town that had never before existed and memories that weren't their own.

The only person that Gideon had found so far who had gone through this awkward transition from other realm to this spot on Earth was Killian, the pirate most people called Hook. It wasn't necessarily something he had been told, but something he had observed. There was a restlessness that came with not completely knowing a place and Gideon had recognized it in the other man because he felt it strongly in himself. Would the honk of a horseless carriage or the music from a small box ever seem normal to someone who had never experienced disembodied sounds beyond what was allowed by magic? How had his father managed to put his voice onto a hard object filled with flimsy ribbon and allow his mother to listen to it repeatedly, if not with some spell? The pirate had lived here for years, Gideon held out little hope of adjusting as quickly as his parents hoped that he would.

To calm himself from these frustrations, he had begun studying what he could in his father's pawn shop. The place was filled with items from both this world and realms he knew. It felt childish, but Gideon had almost created a game from his observances, trying to guess the purpose of certain things or the place that they could have come from. A vase was a vase in any realm, but did this particular clay item with the dragon design come from his father's collection in the Dark Castle, or was it from this very town, created out of thin air and completely meaningless? Typically he could recognize magical things, but something as mundane as a hairbrush was anyone's guess. His father had several of those in the case to the right of the door and Gideon was certain that while they didn't all contain magic, they were used for it. The best at magic can do a lot with a single strand of hair.

Gideon leaned closer to peer at something on a shelf against the wall. The bronze of it shone in the dim light, though there wasn't anything magical about it. He lifted a tiny, infant-sized shoe and frowned. Was this part of a set? Where was the other one? Why had they been bronzed? “Father keeps everything,” he mumbled to himself as he placed the object back where he found it.

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