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Ok, it's time to start talking about what we want to create here! So let's all say what we'd like to have and not.

1.) I'd like people to read my work and give positive feedback. I need an audience. For me, all writing is very therapeutic.

2.) I want to give other fanfic writers support also.

3.) I do not want to encourage or correct someone's awful writing, LOL. I'm sorry, I hope that doesn't sound too harsh. I just think there's a point where you're struggling to find something good in what you're reading. I just never want to get to that place. So I think we need to find a way to vet the writers that join to see if they're a good fit for us.

4.) I don't want to run this community by myself. So I think we need to all say how much time we can give. And that no one is allowed to be a member if they say "none" or "I don't know". I don't care how much it is or isn't, but it isn't fair to the other writers if we only have some participating.

5.) I think we might want groups of writers--teams?--all writing in the same genre to give feedback to the others interested in the same. I think it's hard when I get feedback from people who say they don't follow the fandom but they give input anyway. I want that connection with people who get all nuances of the 'verse I'm writing in. If we end up with a good writer that has no one to team up with for feedback, I'd be willing to watch or read something new to see if I can help.

Everyone feel free to disagree, add or modify this list. This is where we can all just spit words out and see how they splatter--GO! :D


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