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I had to rewrite this one because I lost the original, so it has taken me a while, but I'm getting there. This is a project that I started before Dragonheart 3 came out. Now that we're about to have a #4, and since I'm here and can share it, I'm going to start remaking my series. I know very few are familiar with the fandom, but give it a chance, especially if you love Dragons. The dragon this stuff is based off of is considered one of the top movie dragons of all time. :)

Title: Rose Among Thorns, Part 1 (PG)
Fandom: Dragonheart (noncanon)
Pairing: None
Timeframe: Taking place before the time of Drago. If you want years, the first movie takes place in the tenth century, the latter movies take place a few hundred years before that. I have no idea where my story fits numerically in all of this, but that's the general era you're aiming for, I suppose.
Content Warning: Contains non-sexual physical and verbal mistreatment consistent with forms of servitude.

Background for those unfamiliar with Dragonheart: The dragons of this fandom are peaceful. They are the ones who taught humans what they know of the world and for a long time lived beside humans (especially the Celts) in peace and understanding. Dragons come from the stars in the same since that religious people believe they exist because of God's will. They look to the constellation Draco as their heaven, where all dragons go after death, /if/ they have earned the right. In the more recent movies (3 and 4) this has been taken a little too literally for my taste, Drago /came/ from the stars. Not certain if this was the intended purpose of the original concept or not, Raffaella De Laurentiis is producer of all 4 movies, so I assume this was her idea from the start. These dragons fly because they are made of cosmic light. It is possible for them to open their chest, split their heart and share it with a human. Once that is done the human is bonded to the dragon for the life of the dragon, meaning that in order for the human to die, the dragon must die. They also share each others pains. Dragons in the first two movies, Dragonheart and A New Beginning, do /not/ require heart sharing in order to communicate, they talk, laugh, and show emotion just as a human would, all on their own. Drago is different, he is the focus of the most recent movies, The Sorcerer's Curse and Battle for the Heartfire, he requires heart bonding in order to talk in the human tongue the bond is also different, a little more psychic and magical as it grows. This is not true in Draco's time. There are inconsistencies between the first two movies and any others following the series. It is important to note that I write dragons as they began in the movie sequence, with Draco and Drake, not as telepathic beasts who are literally extra terrestrials, like Drago. (For those of you interested in actors: Sean Connery was the voice of Draco, Ben Kingsly was the original voice of Drago and Patrick Stewart will take over the role for the newest movie.)

For those wanting visual reference, there are no images of any of my characters, but you can get an idea from these:
Draco model
Draco and Bowen
Draco as a stone
Drake – a young dragon
Grifffin – a dragon from the Orient

Disclaimer: This stuff just floats around in my head. I don't have anything to do with the franchise and I'm just having fun here. I earn nothing other than the smiles of fans for doing this work.

The chill in the air did nothing to cool the heat that burned Róisín's cheek as she tore through the forest on wings of fear. Though she dodged as many trees as she could, there were a few whose long fingers reached out to cling to her dress. The fabric caught over and over again on the sharp sticks, ripping angrily before it was freed by the force of her run. She could hear shouts of rage flashing through the forest like lightning and all she wanted in this moment was to outrun the bolts before they hit her again. Dresses could be mended easier than arms or legs and if she stopped now, it was surely one of the latter that would take the most damage.

Twilight was at hand and the woods gradually darkened as she charged blindly ahead. There were many dangers in the forest, but Róisín had never thought much of them. Fear of being eaten by some wild animal was nothing compared to what she faced in her daily life, slaving away in the town market for the two adults who claimed to be family. There was not a soul among the people in the village that believed their claims to her were true, but no one had bothered to stand for her in her troubles, and so she had remained with the cruel couple who were keeping her as their slave.

Exhaustion began to drag her down, pulling her heart in all directions as fire burned in her empty lungs. If she didn't find a place to hide soon she would certainly drop where she stood. Somewhere in these woods was rumored to be an underground cave, filled with riches and treasure. There had always been tales told of this magical place where all of the wealth of the village had been kept, but no one had ever found it and many who went looking had never returned. She did not care about wealth, but a place to curl up and catch her breath without being discovered would be a welcome happenstance.

Suddenly her foot caught on a log and she tumbled to the ground, arms and legs flailing to try and break her fall. Her body rolled in the leafy debris among roots, stopping just short of the muddy part of a stream. Róisín looked up from where she had fallen and was struck with even more panic than before. She had, quite literally, stumbled upon a clearing. Certainly here in this open space she would be discovered without any trouble at all.

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Title: Beauty Is Only…
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Belle
Timeframe: Season 1 Episode 12, but references events from the life of the series to date.
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own them – if I did I’d treat them a whole hell of a lot better than ABC do.
Set up: Belle reflects on everything – to whom the reflection is addressed remains unspoken.

I don’t know what it was like for anyone else, when we first came to Storybrooke. I don’t really remember what it was like for me either. I simply went from one state of captivity to another, but… for a split second – one moment of clarity – I remembered before.

Then it was gone, and that clarity became my madness.

It would haunt me in my dreams – when I was able to sleep – those memories of my life before; captivity at the hands, or rather the behest, of the Queen, and before that, a life in which I knew adventure and love… yes, love. Yet, on waking, it was gone, always gone. All of it disappeared as I woke, never to return, each lost moment falling like the petals from a fading flower.

They kept me medicated, though why, when I could remember nothing of who I was, let alone who I had been, I could not say. That, too, was at the behest of the Queen, though she called herself our mayor.

Hindsight asks the question: Of what was she so afraid?

Now, years later, I know that she used me before, back in the enchanted forest, to try and divest the only one who was ever a threat to her of his power. She had played on my blossoming emotions for my captor turned… what? Were we ever friends back then? I believe so, though I don’t think we would ever have named it that. All I know, all I remembered in that split second, that fading moment, was that I loved him and was trying to return to him when she had taken me captive, intending to use me to break him another way.

Some will tell you that love is a weakness, others will name it a panacea. I will tell you – and I truly believe – that love is the only enduring power. It will break curses, and survive any spell; bring the strongest of men to tears, and fill the weakest with a strength and courage beyond compare. In fact, the only way to break the bonds of love – true love – is to break the lover themselves.

That was my reality for 28 years. I had no notion of who I was. My cursed persona was to be an empty shell. How could I love?

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Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Chekov/Jana (original character)
Timeframe: Takes place after ST V: The Final Frontier
Rating: R
TW/CW: Child abuse

Chekov was startled when the door to the house swung suddenly inward. He had only been standing there a moment, bent over and fumbling with the latches of a heavy equipment case he’d lugged off the shuttle. He hadn’t even rung the bell.

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A new fic. Gotta keep the brain oiled somehow. :)

Title: In the Silence Between Heartbeats
Series: Sleeps with Butterflies
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Grissom
Timeline: Present day/Post finale
Rating: General
CW/TW: slight references to alcoholism
Disclaimer: Is it worth doing one anymore? I mean, we know CBS never hired me and that I don't make money off of these two. But if they want someone to write the post-series Grissom and Sara relationship ...
A/N: This jumps ahead the year and a half since the finale. My canon has definitely kept going even if I haven’t been writing. Hopefully you won’t be too lost. ;)

It all went to hell in France ...

In the Silence Between Heartbeats
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After I swore I wasn't going to put Once stuff up... I have this amazing dream. :p

Title: The Message (PG)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Not really, but it's the Gold Family, including Baelfire
Timeframe: Taking place after Gideon returns to Rumple and Belle, after he has settled in... There will be an episode for this, I'm sure. The shop has been renamed Gold & Son. We know it's coming, just hasn't aired yet. :)
No Content Warning

Background for those unfamiliar with OUAT: Belle and Rumple are Beauty and the Beast. Rumple's first son, Baelfire is from his previous marriage, hundreds of years ago. Yes, he's immortal. He was consumed by a dark power and is now known as The Dark One. He and Belle married, but had Gideon in a time in their relationship where they were going through some stuff. Both Baelfire and Gideon were lost to Rumple when they were children. Baelfire vanished into a portal to our world when he was a young boy, Gideon was stolen from his Fairy Godmother when he was only a few hours old. Both grew up without their father or mother around. It's way, way more complicated than that, but them's the basics.

For those wanting visual references:
Belle, Rumple, Gideon
Belle, Rumple, Baelfire
Inside Gold & Son Antiques
(It's a lot lighter on set than in the show, BTW.)

Disclaimer: This stuff just floats around in my head. I don't have anything to do with the franchise and I'm just having fun here. I earn nothing other than the smiles of fans for doing this work.

* * *

It had been a dull afternoon in the shop and Gideon found himself pacing among the displays and shelves with little to do other than contemplate this unfamiliar world. Storybrooke was the town that he was born in, yet of everyone that lived here he was the most foreign citizen of all. Of course no one /really/ belonged here, the town had been created by his father and the Evil Queen as part of a curse on their realm. All the people here had been plucked up from whatever they were doing and plopped down into the middle of the woods, surrounded by a town that had never before existed and memories that weren't their own.

The only person that Gideon had found so far who had gone through this awkward transition from other realm to this spot on Earth was Killian, the pirate most people called Hook. It wasn't necessarily something he had been told, but something he had observed. There was a restlessness that came with not completely knowing a place and Gideon had recognized it in the other man because he felt it strongly in himself. Would the honk of a horseless carriage or the music from a small box ever seem normal to someone who had never experienced disembodied sounds beyond what was allowed by magic? How had his father managed to put his voice onto a hard object filled with flimsy ribbon and allow his mother to listen to it repeatedly, if not with some spell? The pirate had lived here for years, Gideon held out little hope of adjusting as quickly as his parents hoped that he would.

To calm himself from these frustrations, he had begun studying what he could in his father's pawn shop. The place was filled with items from both this world and realms he knew. It felt childish, but Gideon had almost created a game from his observances, trying to guess the purpose of certain things or the place that they could have come from. A vase was a vase in any realm, but did this particular clay item with the dragon design come from his father's collection in the Dark Castle, or was it from this very town, created out of thin air and completely meaningless? Typically he could recognize magical things, but something as mundane as a hairbrush was anyone's guess. His father had several of those in the case to the right of the door and Gideon was certain that while they didn't all contain magic, they were used for it. The best at magic can do a lot with a single strand of hair.

Gideon leaned closer to peer at something on a shelf against the wall. The bronze of it shone in the dim light, though there wasn't anything magical about it. He lifted a tiny, infant-sized shoe and frowned. Was this part of a set? Where was the other one? Why had they been bronzed? “Father keeps everything,” he mumbled to himself as he placed the object back where he found it.

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Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Chekov/Jana (original character)
Timeframe: Takes place after ST II: TWOK
Rating: R
TW/CW: References to Chekov's assault by Khan
Reluctantly, Chekov let Kyle and Stoney lead him through the streets of Medina on Risa, studiously ignoring the numerous scantily clad women natives that caught his companions’ attention here and there. He’d come with them only because he literally didn’t have anywhere else to go. With Reliant destroyed and reassignment still weeks away, they’d jumped at the offer of leave…who wouldn’t?



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