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Been popping in for a week or so and haven't seen much happening. Are we at a point where we invite folks, throw up some prompts, slap a fanfiction down, or start a discussion?

I guess as far as the prompts go, an important thing to find out is exactly how interested people are in typing words onto the screen AND how capable they are of accomplishing that goal. I don't mean this in a "you must give us something by a deadline" or "put out 500 words a day or else" kind of thing, I just mean this:

I've got a shit ton of stuff festering from ages ago and a bunch of Once stuff that will probably get written because it won't leave me alone. (All loved characters come with a price!) Do I want to get this stuff down? Yes. Do I have TIME to get it down? Not always. This means I will be a very inactive writer when it comes to getting out longer fictions that haven't been prompted, simply because I don't have the time to devote the concentration to more than a scene or two a week. If provided with a suggestion/prompt/discussion, I can become more active because said challenge or conversation is only going to take a little bit of time in a day or week and may or may not be as critical of it as I would be to something that isn't an exercise in writing. I can also use the shorter, prompted stuff as a jumping board to scenes I am having trouble with in the bigger picture.

My question regarding all this is how other people define their ability to write/post and what I am pondering is how we go about doing it. I don't want to throw out prompts/suggestions/discussions that make people shout, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" :)

Questions I have pondered today while walking dogs include:

1)Are we going to have criteria for posting prompts?
1a) Is there a request for a certain frequency for prompts?
1b) Is there going to be a format for posting prompts, or do people prefer it to be more like a free for all? Meaning: If I walk past an awesome tree stump that inspires me and I take a picture, do people want/care to have that thrown up here as a "Look what I found, anyone want to write something about it?" kind of thing. Or are we going to plan out a specific time/place/type of prompt that will be used.
1c) What are the prompts that people around here most enjoy? Should we do word games (trying to fit certain words into the writing), image games (as mentioned above with the stump), writing exercises (stuff that's kind of fun and meant to just get the juices flowing and may or may not involve physical objects in your life like bubbles or stickers), or something else entirely?

2)Do we slap each actual fanfiction up here in its entirety as it's own post, or do we post a link to the site where the work is located?
2a) If we are only going to link each fiction, do we simply create one thread for all works under a certain fandom that explains the fandom to those who may not know it, then let new fics be posted as comments to that single post? That would certainly keep things organized, but it would probably eliminate the use of the series title tags, unless we tag things in discussions as well. I imagine it may also be difficult to follow new posts that way.

3)When someone needs an opinion on something that is NOT part of a fandom (or is maybe part of an incomplete work not ready to be posted), how do we go about organizing that? Example: Skippyjohnjones is having trouble wording a certain section of his next novel and desperately wants opinions from writers he trusts. He posts a few paragraphs asking for feedback. Does he just throw it up at random, or will there be a specific thread for it?
3a) How offended would people be if we included or didn't include this option as part of this writing journal?
3b) Does anyone other than myself find this a useful part of being among fellow writers?

I'm sure I had a lot of other stuff, but it has run away from me now. Make this a diving board and jump on in whenever you're ready.


Date: 2017-03-27 01:36 am (UTC)
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I've had a distracting few days...but I'm here tonight.

So I think we just all jump in and invite and prompt and write and have fun--because if we think about this too much more we're not going to actually WRITE--you know?

Also, I've been thinking about the rating system. I think for now, in the absence of any litigation to the contrary, we just use the movie rating system and let the chips fall where they may. So say we all?

AND...I'm going to start posting some of my stories that have already been written and will add new things as I complete them.

So...I'm off to post and invite!


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