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Ok, it's time to start talking about what we want to create here! So let's all say what we'd like to have and not.

1.) I'd like people to read my work and give positive feedback. I need an audience. For me, all writing is very therapeutic.

2.) I want to give other fanfic writers support also.

3.) I do not want to encourage or correct someone's awful writing, LOL. I'm sorry, I hope that doesn't sound too harsh. I just think there's a point where you're struggling to find something good in what you're reading. I just never want to get to that place. So I think we need to find a way to vet the writers that join to see if they're a good fit for us.

4.) I don't want to run this community by myself. So I think we need to all say how much time we can give. And that no one is allowed to be a member if they say "none" or "I don't know". I don't care how much it is or isn't, but it isn't fair to the other writers if we only have some participating.

5.) I think we might want groups of writers--teams?--all writing in the same genre to give feedback to the others interested in the same. I think it's hard when I get feedback from people who say they don't follow the fandom but they give input anyway. I want that connection with people who get all nuances of the 'verse I'm writing in. If we end up with a good writer that has no one to team up with for feedback, I'd be willing to watch or read something new to see if I can help.

Everyone feel free to disagree, add or modify this list. This is where we can all just spit words out and see how they splatter--GO! :D

Date: 2017-03-19 02:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vegawriters.livejournal.com

Right now, I'm still not sure how much focus my mind will have for fic. But, I do want to try to jump start it again. If only for word counts.

I'm wondering if we shouldn't start with prompts and just get people writing.And from there we build and see what kind of commitment people have. If we start too hard, too fast, we might drive some people away.

But I also could be feeling this because it's been a long afternoon and I'm ready for a nap ;)

Date: 2017-03-19 04:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mirrani.livejournal.com
I also hope to post and get feedback, either positive or critical, on whatever it is I am doing. For me writing is fun, but I also really try to write something that other people are going to enjoy. I want it to be book worthy because it's like a workout for the book series I am currently taking 10 years to write because I can't get my act in gear. :p (Having said that, I'd also like the opportunity to come here and say, "Guys, this is not fanfic, but I'm struggling with this." or "OMG! Check out what came out of my mind today!" Not saying that would happen a lot, but once in a blue moon would be nice.) I hope to have the opportunity to give the same feedback as I take. While I liked being able to vote on the character posts last time, I would really like to be able to comment rather than just pick a "best." Now, if we want to do a little contest every now and then, I'm not against that either, just... I wan to hear thoughts too.

How much time can I give? I have Sundays free... Sometimes. I work 5 jobs, so there are weeks I will be able to check in more than just on Sundays, but that morning I have an hour or two to help out around here for certain. Of course, you know better than to trust me with too much, I just get overwhelmed and vanish. ;)

As far as vetting goes... YES! There has to be a way to come up with a sort of generic test... Like, "Here's the application. Write something as directed, the community will review it and we will get back to you soon." I don't think the test has to be genre specific, just a situation just about any characters anywhere might find themselves in. That way we give everyone exactly the same test, no matter what they love. and it doesn't favor one group over another. Doing it that way is probably easiest to judge across the board, also? I don't have to know your fandom to understand that someone is having a birthday party, you know?

I'm totally okay with the idea of teams, but I also don't want to be restricted by it either. Will I read Star Trek over Big Bang Theory? Yes. Am I against checking out something from that series? No. It's always best/easiest when you know the characters, but sometimes a good story is a good story. I guess it depends on what we are trying to do. Are we writing for the fun of it, are we going to do semi-anual contests? Are we desperately sharpening pencils and tapping out words to meet a standard or something? I'd hope it's just fun, maybe with prompts. I actually love coming up with all kinds of crazy prompts for writing and seeing not just what characters do with it but what fandoms do with it. A lion in Narnia isn't going to be the same as a Lion in the Mummy... Or maybe it is. :)

I warn... I get my writing prompts from crazy stuff, like stickers and trash, not just the dictionary or an exact moment in the day. I happily blame my 2nd grade English teacher. I took her ideas and flew out the door with them, into a whole other universe.


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